Saturday, 14 April 2012

As if in a dream - L’Arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary London concert

Just got back from London. Well actually yesterday afternoon but I was so tired to do anything. London was great! It was actually better that I would expect it to be…

So the time had come. It was Wednesday, April 11th 2012. It was time for the L’Arc~en~Ciel concert. I was waiting for that day. So I hoped in the Jubilee tube line and landed in the North Greenwhich station. And there it was. The O2 Arena. The waiting queue seemed like an endless snake. The cold wind was blowing and it started to rain. But none of these mattered. I was there to see L’Arc~en~Ciel. One of my favorite bands ever.

After about an hour we made it into the indigo. The speakers were playing mostly the instrumental versions of Bless, Ibara no Namida and Niji. The anticipation was building up second by second and every time there was an announcement every one cried for Laruku to come out.

At about 20:40 the lights were out and the huge screen on the stage started playing the intro video. The fans responded with a massive burst! …and there they were! The band members entered the stage. People were crying out their names! (…well mostly Hyde’s). From then on everything was pure magic… Definitely one of the days I will remember for the rest of my life. The setlist was the following (I think I got the order right).

1. Ibara no Namida
2. Chase
3. Good Luck My Way
4. Honey
- Hyde MC-
5. Drink it Down
6. Revelation
7. Hitomi no Juunin
8. X X X
- Yukihiro Drum solo -
9. Daybreak’s Bell
10. Forbidden Lover
- Ken guitar solo -
11. My Heart Draws a Dream
12. Seventh Heaven
13. Driver's High
- Tetsuya bass solo -
14. Stay Away
15. Ready Steady Go

1. Anata
2. Winter Fall
3. Link
4. Niji

The show was amazing! Every second of the show was breathtaking but of course there were some parts that captured me the most. The complete silence before Honey and the way Hyde started playing the guitar intro driving the people mad. In Hitomi no Juunin all the members of the band sat at the drum podium and while playing the song the video screen showed sakura leaves dropping. I loved how Ken did the guitar solo and made the way for My Heart Draws a Dream. Of course Driver’s High blew my mind not only because it is a great song but because it happens to be the opening theme for my most favorite anime, Great Teacher Onizuka. Last but not least, in the closing song Niji, the air was filled with white feathers making it look as if in a dream.

Thank you L’Arc~en~Ciel…

(more pictures from London and the concert here!)

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