Monday, 4 January 2010

27 and new year’s resolutions

Today I am becoming 27 years old…Supposedly I should be getting all serious by now by I don’t feel like it :P
I ‘ve put my mind into a few things. My new year’s resolutions are getting a good job preferably in the field of civil and hydraulics/environmental engineering, learning a bit of C/C++ and also Autodesk 3DS Max and Civil 3D. I also want to take up Japanese, since it’s been a long time that I ‘ve started watching anime and Asian films, not to mention my complete obsession with Japanese music.

p.s. My brothers got me a brand new Microsoft blue track wireless mobile mouse 6000 and miimii got me a cool wall clock with small cubes, I will post some pics right after I put it together! Arigatou minna-san! <3


Anonymous said...

Saw your post about getting a job in the civil engineering field. Check out Bentley's "Be Employable" program where you can get free access to almost all of their software and training. It's a GREAT way to get into the field and enhance your skill set.

oni said...

Axaxaxaxa mphka na sou kanw sxolio gia kalh xronia k na eyxh8w o,ti kalytero me douleia (giati k gw psaxnw) k brhka ton anwnymo me tis plhrofories tou :P

PREPEI na ma8w AutoCAD. Ntroph mou. Kai kanena allo. Ti kaneis esy? O,ti epi8ymeis gia to 2010 k gia ta gene8lia sou k na eisai eytyxismenos!

P.S. Gia opoiadhpote plhroforia peri iapwnikwn k pou na ma8eis edw sth Thess feel free to ask me sto msn (s exw/m exeis akomh den kserw, try pantws lol)