Saturday, 14 November 2009

danke schön berlin, domo arigatou EBISU

Yesterday morning I got back from my week in Berlin. I was all too sad, and I knew I would be, because I had to return to my shitty town having seen one of the greatest European capitals. Berlin, a mass city yet, human friendly.
As for the concert, it went out crazier than I expected. I got in Columbiaclub one hour before the doors open. It was really easy using the U-Bahn. It was a pretty cold evening but we were warmed up by the abingdon boys school rehearsals which could be heard outside the club’s walls. It was not a big turn out and I got disappointed because bands are usually put off by this. But in that case I was wrong.The moment I got into the club, I bought myself two abs t-shirts and the Teaching Materials CD. I was a bit disappointed by the small variety of the store. I was willing to buy a lot of stuff but there was only two t-shirt prints, the one was only female size, one type of hooded sweater, only the Teaching Materials CD and a poster.
Time was moving slower than ever and it looked to me that the sound technicians were taking a hell of a time to set up the equipment. But it was all due to my impatience to watch one of my favorite bands. In a blink of an eye the backstage door opened and I was the only one to realize that it was Sunao checking out the crowd. I waved at him at he waved me back! Then I knew it would be a great night.
Finally, the smoke machines were turned on and the band came in the stage alongside with the two additional support members. The band was wearing the same outfit as in the JAP PV.
The concert started out with Freedom and the crowd was all crazy! The band went on more vigorously with old and new songs such as (not in the set list order… I was too excited to remember it!)
Innocent Sorrow
Nervous Breakdown
Kimi no Uta
Via Dolorosa
stay away
Dusk till Dawn, Athena (encore 1)
BLADE CHORD (encore 2)

The crowd was going crazy every time Takanori Nishikawa was addressing to it and it was really kawaii when he was speaking german! He was speaking better than I did, that’s one thing for sure. The other band players tried to speak german too but they couldn’t. Sunao said “Heineken” and the crowd burst into laughter!
The best part of the concert was when Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) climbed the speaker and shaked my hand and smiled at me while singing JAP!!!
All in all, it was a great performance and everybody was satisfied. As for me, I couldn’t be more happy and I will definitely try to be there if it will ever be another abs european tour.

Domo arigatou EBISU!!!

A little fan art I made using the Innocent Sorrow single cover and the German flag.

p.s. I've updated mein photo log with some flicks from deutschland =^.^=

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Erisabetsu-chan said...

μπράβο ρε θηρίο!!!
εγώ νόμιζα ότι αυτοί ήταν boy band για να τους ψάξω λίγο παραπάνω....