Monday, 7 September 2009

Mutant Dwarf forever

Today is a nyappy day for me. I found some true gems waiting to be discovered. I have listened to KOTOKO discography some times in the past but, I seem not to have paid enough attention. My love for this performer is given. Tracks like Hitorigoto, Re-Sublimity, Agony, Face of Fact, Restoration, snIpe, Suppuration, Shuusou are always in my playlist. But now, this love is becoming infinite. The reason is the following Japanese electronic pop anthems.

Time heals all sorrows (Care ~Iyasu Beki Fuji no Kyouki~ Shudaika)
We Survive (V.G.NEO Tokuten)
Unsymmetry (Girigiri LOVE Dokon)
Asura (Hane)
Fuyu no Shizuku (Hane)
Hallucino (Mugen no Meikyuu 3 -TYPE S- Tokuten)
Resolution of Soul (D+VINE [LUV] DREAMCAST Hen Tokuten)
Fatally (DUEL SAVIOR Tokuten)

KOTOKO 永遠の愛 =^.^=

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