Thursday, 17 September 2009

Das photo log

Many of you might wonder how my date with royalty turned out XD. Well it proved to be better than I expected, although, Blanka was competing on the opposite side of the field and I wasn’t able to watch her jump. When she got into the pitch I was the first one to realize. I got up and shouted my heart out calling her name and waving my hands. She heard me and waved to the crowd, but to my misfortune, she couldn’t see me. Anyway, we watched Yelena flying and my brother got some close up shots. Hooray!
In order to memorize this weekend I decided to start a photo log using simpleviewer. I also uploaded some photos from Japan & Anime Party hosted by Sakura Syndrome. Hopefully, I will be updating this photo album regularly (or maybe not :P).
So go on and take a look. You can also find this photo log in the sidebar in the respective button.

p.s. Yaaaay! My photo log uses onmouseover/onmouseout!!! Ultimate respect to my brother Chris who is da script p.i.m.p.

Friday, 11 September 2009

A date with royalty

This weekend I have a date with royalty. I will meet the Czarina of Russia Yelena Isinbayeva and the Princess of Croatia Blanka Vlašić. I will be attending the IAAF World Athletics Final which is taking place here in Thessaloniki.
I just hope my seat is not very far away from the pitch so I can get a good glimpse of my lovebirds! <3


Monday, 7 September 2009

Mutant Dwarf forever

Today is a nyappy day for me. I found some true gems waiting to be discovered. I have listened to KOTOKO discography some times in the past but, I seem not to have paid enough attention. My love for this performer is given. Tracks like Hitorigoto, Re-Sublimity, Agony, Face of Fact, Restoration, snIpe, Suppuration, Shuusou are always in my playlist. But now, this love is becoming infinite. The reason is the following Japanese electronic pop anthems.

Time heals all sorrows (Care ~Iyasu Beki Fuji no Kyouki~ Shudaika)
We Survive (V.G.NEO Tokuten)
Unsymmetry (Girigiri LOVE Dokon)
Asura (Hane)
Fuyu no Shizuku (Hane)
Hallucino (Mugen no Meikyuu 3 -TYPE S- Tokuten)
Resolution of Soul (D+VINE [LUV] DREAMCAST Hen Tokuten)
Fatally (DUEL SAVIOR Tokuten)

KOTOKO 永遠の愛 =^.^=