Monday, 13 July 2009

the GazettE - DIM :(

I 've just listened to the new GazettE album, titled DIM. It was a big disappointment.
There was only one track that I liked (Guren). It’s a same because I am really fond of this band since I ‘ve started listening to jmusic.

People kept on telling me that they 've taken the downhill but i refused to accept it (although i really liked STACKED RUBBISH... yeah i did!)

But now it's all clear to me...
Time to move on...
So long and thx for all the fishes... kthxbai

p.s. and wtf is this ear aching intro before every track?! Geez!



momo said...

really? how did u get to hear every track when it's only going to be out tomorrow?

alex.00 said...

hmmm, how should i put it... and sound legit.
It's almost in every visual kei blog and asian music site.
Tomorrow is the official release but apparently some guy leaked it.

momo said...

hey i'm bored and it's me haha i have just got DIM, but i don't think it's that bad...i admit stuff like "in the middle of chaos" and OGRE are a bit bleh but ruki's voice is still amazing, and the album grows on you (: well, at least for me it did (:

alex.00 said...

glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Well I got my CD today, it seem pretty classic GazettE. I really like it. Some things aren't great, but very few bands have CD's where EVERY track is amazing.

Though I agree, The Filler tracks are ear aching.

Nakigahara was a really good track, it reminded me of some of their other stuff, but differet...hence the whole classic gazette thing.

But I think if a bad is your favorite, you shouldn't give up on them so easily, they may surprise you in the future. -- Ruki smokes less than he did, but I think it's starting to effect his voice, that may be something that he relizes and changed, who knows?

Anonymous said...

P.S I couldn't get my comment up when using my LJ, but just look me up at shinku_s on LJ to reply (not sure how blogger works)