Friday, 6 March 2009

kawaii ambassadors

Japanese pop culture ambassadors, from left, Misako Aoki, Yu Kimura and Shizuka Fujioka

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has chosen three young models as "ambassadors of cute," international representatives of Japan's pop culture.
Models Misako Aoki, Yu Kimura and Shizuka Fujioka will be representing Lolita, Harajuku and schoolgirl fashions respectively at foreign events as "Kawaii Taishi" (ambassadors of cute), including Japan Festa in Bangkok in March, and Japan Expo in Paris in July.
In March 2008, the ministry appointed the robotic cat animation character, Doraemon, as "anime culture ambassador."
[mainichi daily news]

At the ceremony, Misako noted...
"[we] would like to communicate and spread the cuteness (of Japanese fashion) by visiting many countries, and if they would come to like Japan as well"

...please come to Greece! onegai! :]


jimmy said...

Kalispera apo berolino kai sorry gia ta greeklish!

Pername poly kala kai thelw na pw oti eimai kala!

epeidh eimai noob de vrika allon tropo ektos apo ayton!
that´s what u get for being a noob!

Anyway bye!

alex.digitaltracker said...

you did the right thing bro!

have fun!